Coronavirus effect on MWC 2020

Coronavirus is an untreatable virus which makes it much more dangerous. Coronavirus has affected businesses and people’s life around the world. MWC is the biggest tech conference for tech Companies to introduce mobiles and other technology. Coronavirus effect on MWC 2020 is heavy. With the rising fear of Coronavirus several tech Companies steps out of MWC. MWC 2020 is still going forward, with more advanced precautions.

These precautions include cleaning and disinfecting areas of the trade show, especially catering, surfaces, handrails, bathrooms, entry/exits, etc. Medical Support will also be increased. Even a non-handshake policy could be implemented. The Organisers also said, travellers from Hubei Province(where the virus outbreak) will be banned.

Furthermore, Travellers who have recently visited china shall show that they have been outside china for more than 14 days. Other Improvements include temperature screening and calling for attendees to self certify that they haven’t been in contact with any infected person. Here is the list of Companies those have confirmed plans to skip MWC 2020-

  • Amazon
  • Ericsson
  • LG
  • Nvidia
  • Sony
  • TCL
  • ZTE

These are some of the biggest names in tech industry. TCL needed this platform for their first ever smartphone launch. Coronavirus outbreak will affect the tech business heavily. LG, Sony, ZTE, TCL all of these Companies launch their flagship devices every year at this conference.

If these big names aren’t attending MWC for their devices launches then it is possible that they organise their own respective events for the launch. Another possibility is launching their new technology without any event at all. What is your opinion on coronavirus affecting tech, Let me know in comments?

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