Huawei’s Trump Card: A Chinese-based Chipset Plant

US Ban increased from Google to Chipsets and that affected Huawei’s Flagship lineup and sales. Huawei lost its crown as the no.1 smartphone manufacturer. But now Huawei will make sure that things like these don’t happen again. Huawei will soon start using Harmony OS in its products which will free it from Android dependency and soon it will establish its own china-based chipset manufacturing plant that will help it get rid of the US Controlling its access to the chipset.

Huawei will not use any US technology in the new chipset plant. The Chipset plant will initially build chips for its telecom empire. Financial Times reports, the plant will initially manufacture 45nm chips and is targeting 20nm chips by 2022. Huawei plans to build IoT hardware on 28nm architecture which will be available by the end of 2021. By 2022 20nm will enable it to build chipsets for 5G base stations.

However, the Shanghai-based plant won’t be able to build chips for smartphones anytime soon. However, the roadmap suggests the new Chipset plant might be able to start producing smartphone chips for mid-range devices by the end of 2025. However, to build chipsets for flagships it might have to work till the end of this decade. Once, the plant is ready to produce chips for all Huawei’s devices it will be ready for any US hurricane.

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