Intel’s H-Series Processors Can Provide 230FPS Gaming Experience.

Intel 11th series is really a stepping stone for intel in the chipset market. The new chipset narrowed the gap between AMD and Intel and repositioned intel as a strong chipset manufacturer. But, what came with the 11th gen wasn’t enough to please consumers. Intel is launching another chipset 11th gen H-series processor. The H-series mobile CPU will soon be arriving in new gaming laptops.

Intel recently teased a video on Twitter showcasing up to 230fps gaming experience with intel H-series processors.

However, some pro gamers tweeted that the company used some particular scenes in the game that allowed them to achieve this. The new H series processors are built for ultrabooks that are dedicated to gamers. With new H-series mobile CPUs, intel aims to power gaming laptops that are as slim as 16mm. These new processors will feature turbo boosts up to 5Ghz.

The new H-series processors can give us a preview of what intel 12th gen processors might bring. What do you think, will intel take back the throne of best processor manufacturer?

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