Meta Quest and Apple Watch: Use them together

Meta heavily invested in building VR technology and now it has a slew of VR products. But no product succeeds if it is not able to give users a better experience. Meta Quest app store offers many great fitness apps for VR headset owners. Meta Move is an internal fitness app by Meta that tracks your activities and provides very accurate fitness stats. It uses VR and some algorithms to get that data. But if you already own an apple watch what’s this Meta Move brings to table?

If you have to wear apple watch while doing your VR fitness session then what’s the point of owning this VR headset? Just to solve that Meta announced connectivity between Apple health and Meta Move. Now you can sync the data between two devices and you won’t have to wear Apple watch during your VR sessions. How to do that? Just follow these simple steps:

  • Put on your VR headset and press the system button on right-hand controller.
  • Click on the grid icon if you don’t see list of apps and search for move.
  • Now head to settings in move app and toggle “Connect Move to Oculus Mobile App”
  • Now open the mobile quest app on your iPhone and move to explore section.
  • Open move by tapping on its widget in explore tab
  • Tap on connected app and toggle Apple Health

That’s it now your VR sessions will reflect in your apple health mobile app.

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