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When I first bought this Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in January 2020, I was under the impression that I have to upgrade post 1.5 years as this is usually my upgrade cycle of any phone. But, since Samsung announced 3 years updates, This started to look more promising. Now, a…

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On Thursday IBM set a new standard for the semiconductor industry and a challenge for all the major chip manufacturers by unveiling the world’s first 2nm chip technology. The new 2nm Chip will provide a 45% performance boost and 75% power efficiency boost compared to 7nm technology. The new 2nm…

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Samsung Galaxy S20 is literally one of the best Flagship series of 2020. But S20 flagships don’t fit everyone’s pockets. Samsung took note of that and launched a cheaper variant of the S20 series the S20FE or S20 Fan Edition. With the launch of the iPhone 12, the Competition becomes…