Intel is bringing big changes with 12th gen processors.

The Primary reason why apple chooses to move towards ARM was the delay in intel causes. 2020 the Year where Intel should have launched its 12th gen processor will stay dry. The dates have shifted and the 12th gen processors will now launch in 2021. The Competition is stiff in the processors market with ARM making its way into the desktop. Intel has to announce something big and the 12th gen may do it.

Alder Lake the official name for 12th gen processors. Based on a 10nm architecture two different lineups will be launched Alder Lake for Desktop and Sapphire Rapids for servers. The 11th Gen Rocket Lake processors will also launch in 2021. That’s quite embarrassing for Intel. Also, the 7nm Chips will be launched in 2023 which were expected to launch in 2022.

The big change with the 12th gen is not only the 10nm architecture but the new configuration model. Intel will follow the configuration model similar to ARM with some high powered and low powered cores together. The ability to run both efficiency and power cores will give a huge boost to Notebook experience. However, there aren’t enough details. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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