Intel vs AMD vs Apple: Which laptop to choose?

Intel vs AMD was tough but with time AMD was the obvious choice for gamers and Intel was for general purpose usage. But, with the introduction of apple m chipsets the battle of processors became even more interesting. The way apple introduces its products people believe apple is literally the best in the market. However, the picture is slightly different from the imagination of apple fans.

Apple master of bluff

Apple is a company that has turned from innovator to the bluff master. We all must praise apple’s marketing team for their wonderful work. The marketing team constantly promoted Apple’s products as the best ever just to justify their pricing. The only apple product that we really believed to be value for money is also hiding some truth. Apple compared its new macbook lineup to an old intel processor. However, they forgot to compare m2 chips with the new 13th gen intel processors.

Intel is still in the game

With introduction of m1 chip we thought windows laptops are done. I mean such a native blend of performance and efficiency was never seen before m1. But, intel was already preparing for this day. 12th gen was an improvement in integrated graphics. And with the 13th gen intel unveiled a direct competitor to apple chips. AMD is also not behind. With AMD 7040 series it directly hits at apple m1 pro chips. However, M2 Pro and M2 Pro max are way out of league.

But Intel with its 13th gen chipsets destroys AMD as well as Apple M2 Max when it comes to raw CPU performance. However, there are caveats. Intel chips are super power hungry. Intel will probably soon take the lead in PC chipset market but its has two key areas where it needs improvements. Integrated graphics processor for intel is super weak compared to Apple. Intel still relies on Nvidia for graphics requirement. Secondly, power consumption if you put an intel i9 139000 chip on a laptop with the same battery as macbook It will die at 4 or maybe 6times the speed. Intel chips can consume 200+ TWP.

What’s the future?

When it comes to raw performance no one can beat intel but AMD. However, this time even AMD failed. But, Intel has two major caveats that it needs to resolve rapidly if it wants to stay in the market. All modern chips are expected to provide high performance and high power efficiency. I mean everybody loves thin laptops but if you require a super fan to keep your PC cool it will never be thin. The future is fanless laptops but with intel’s power problem that seems impossible. AMD however, is doing great with its 5nm chips. But, AMD also needs significant improvement. We know Apple m series is not the fastest chip on the planet but it is clearly the best chip. As it not only provides superior performance but also superior integrated graphics and high class battery backup. Apple has only started manufacturing chipsets the battle will get more interesting. But one thing is true we will get thin, beautiful and powerful laptops in future.

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