Obesity is an epidemic that is not yet realised. Everyday the obesity rate is increasing. Manorinfinity aims to fight obesity and make the world fitter everyday. There are two primary reasons for obesity:

  • High cost of fitness training and hype of how difficult it is to stay fit.
  • No formal education of fitness

My aim is to build a system that is very easy to follow and can help anyone and everyone transform their body. Previous years have been filled with several experiments but still no breakthrough. I gained 10KG in three years.

But again, I can get big in 2 years but that won’t help fight obesity. Motivating people by showing of your body is ok but what will the motivation do without a way to actually do something with that motivation. I realised people are busy some don’t have time for gym, some don’t have time to decide on food.

Manorinfinity is dedicated to the working class, the housemaid, the teenager struggling with obesity. Maybe it there is no easy way to stay fit. But I guess I am here to find out that for you. I will continue embracing this journey whether I get strong or not whether I succeed or not. See you on the other side.