Microsoft Surface Go 2: Upgraded Portability

Big Upgrades are here

The only fair Competitor to iPad is Microsoft’s Surface Go. The 10.5-inch tablet by Microsoft is powered by Windows 10 S. The Smallest surface tablet by Microsoft gets some interesting hardware bumps this year. It is only fair to call Microsoft Surface Go 2: Upgraded Portability. The tablet is the most portable windows device. Most users love Surface Go 2 because it lets you do desktop-level tasks in the budget. But the drawback was less powerful hardware.

The first noticeable upgrade to Surface Go is the display. The display size goes all the way from 10- inch to 10.5-inch. The bigger display doesn’t mean a bigger and heavier Surface Go. However, more aesthetic Surface Go with smaller bezels. Though the bezels are not as small as Surface Pro. But they are small enough. With bigger display comes a bigger resolution of 1920 x 1280 (220ppi) keeping the aspect ratio 3:4.

Processor a key element in any computing device nowadays. The base model of Surface Go starts at 399$ will include the Intel Pentium Gold. But the new 8th gen core m3 model is also available now. The Promises are big, up to 64% performance improvement with core m3 processor. The base model has 4GB and 64GB storage. While the m3 model priced at 629$ has 8GB ram with 128GB storage. Another variant costs 549$ for 8GB 128GB but Intel Pentium Gold.

The type covers and accessories are sold separately. However, your old Surface Go accessories will work just fine. The new studio mic will improve video conferencing quality. The Battery is larger and consumption is reduced. Therefore, you can expect 10hr of battery life from Surface Go 2. Spend 729$ and get LTE models. More Money then go with business variant costs 829$ with 256GB and LTE.

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