Microsoft’s free Screen repairs hide a mystery

Surface Screens are cracking for No reason

Microsoft launched Surface Laptop 3 in October 2019. Surface Laptop 3 are remarkable in every aspect. Microsoft’s free Screen Repairs hide a Mystery. The mystery behind the free screen repair program is cracking screens. Screens of several surface laptops started cracking for no reason. Several users reported the issue on Reddit in early 2020. But, Microsoft proceeded with an investigation in February.

After the investigation, Microsoft found it is a hard foreign particle that is causing these screen cracks. In a Very Small Percentage of Surface laptop 3 due to this hard particle hairline fracture is possible. As Microsoft has a reputation to maintain therefore, it had to start a free screen repair program for all affected laptops. The full report is hereby Microsoft.

If you paid for the repair before this program and the repair falls within the conditions of this program than you can get a refund by contacting Microsoft support. Previously, Apple had a fault with its keyboards and they introduced a repair program. These faults don’t mean that you can’t trust these companies. These faults are the result of manufacturing defects.

This, however, raises a question on tech Companies’ product testing. Because, if the testing is done properly then these types of default should not be faced by users. Subscribe to our Newsletter for daily tech updates scroll to the bottom. In the end, Stay Safe! Stay Blessed.

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