Why Google meet make the battle of video conferencing apps interesting?

No Video Conferencing app had AI noise cancellation until now

Google Meet is a video conferencing app built proudly by google. Zoom has profited by the pandemic of Covid-19 but it has flaws. Zoom was simple and feature-rich but now the competition is tougher with the big players like Google and Microsoft entering the battle. Why Google meet make the battle of video conferencing apps interesting? Because of its AI noise cancellation feature.

The above video by VentureBeat showcases the feature in action. Google announced this feature and said the AI will be able to identify different types of noises and suppress the noise. It can identify even Dog barking and keyboard noise. The more data Google gets the better the AI will get handling the background noise. Google meet is the only video conferencing app, for now, that features Noise cancellation.

The feature was announced back in April for Gsuite Enterprise users. But now the feature will be coming to more devices. Hopefully to the free users as well. The Company also gave little insight into the training of AI. The AI will be trained with the customer’s data. This time Google won’t be using external teams to train the AI. This feature will make the online video conferencing experience way better. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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