Facial Recognition is dying. Why?

Recently IBM announced that it will no longer support facial Recognition tech, and now Microsoft denied making facial Recognition system for police

Facial recognition is a tech that might help recognize people in-crowd. The Police department believes this tech can help them fight crime in a more efficient way. But the tech companies has taken a responsible step. After what happened to George Floyd facial recognition could become a tool for targeted racial discrimination. After realizing the harms of these tech companies decided to shut down their projects.

Earlier this week IBM announced that they will no longer offer, develop, or support facial recognition technology. Now recently Microsoft announced that it won’t be developing facial recognition technology for the Police department. The police and government departments want to use these AI technologies for mass surveillance and want more pieces of our privacy. I guess for the first time tech Companies are being responsible.

The main reason for the death of Facial Recognition is Privacy and Racism. Facial Recognition improved a lot as AI progressed and will improve much further if continued to develop. Though big companies won’t be selling this tech to feds there will be other small businesses that will develop and distribute this tech for their profit. So, in simple words get ready people for mass surveillance. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe! Stay Humble!.

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