Smartphone Size Matters: Apple Understands

Apple is the only company in the market that offers Compact Smartphones and will Continue with iPhone 12

Apple takes a lot of cash from your pocket for a Smartphone. But the reason for that is perfection. Apple has always been able to do things perfectly and differently than Android. The X factor is simplicity and understanding People. Android Companies don’t pay attention to people’s needs. Take my example, when I was in the market for a decent Android smartphone, all of them were over 6.3inch. 6.1 is my sweet spot.

Above 6.1 its something I need to live with. And I am not alone, many other people might feel just like I do. Apple understands that but most of us can’t afford iPhones. So, let’s give you some good news. iPhone 12 will be coming in 4 different sizes. The base model will be sized around 5.4 inches, and one model will be at 6.1inch and the pro models will be at 6.7inch.

Something for everyone. Compact smartphones have their own beauty. They are lightweight, fit in your hands, don’t slip around easily, and look cute. Now let me tell you little about pricing. The 5.4inch model tends to replace iPhone 8 and other smartphones but there is already iPhone SE. iPhone SE is good but design is old. iPhone 12 with 5.4 inch should be a mid ranger or upper midranger. Other Smartphones will just replace iPhone 11 series.

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