Intel: Tiger is back as “Tiger Lake”

Intel the company that has been criticized for delayed product launches and not innovating enough is back with a tiger. Intel 11th gen processors also known as Tiger Lake processors are interestingly innovative. The 11th gen processor is a 10nm Chip and is not highly focused on battery backup & multicore performance but on the graphics front.

Intel Xe integrated graphics could be the game-changer in the laptop market. Nvidia will get a direct hit with this powerful integrated graphics engine. Intel 11th gen processor features 4 cores. The base speed is 3.0GHZ, single-core turbo boost can go up to 4.8Ghz while the multicore boost goes up to 4.3Ghz. Before we jump into Intel vs Ryzen let’s see what the Intel Xe graphics engine can achieve.

Xe graphics is the game-changer. You can play OverWatch @1080p ultra(average 89fps) and Epic(averaging 59fps). The Integrated Graphics performance beats all the Players in the market. The graphics engine is so powerful that a laptop with 11th gen processors won’t be needing an external entry-level Nvidia GPU.

It also showed interesting results with stuff like video editing. With this processor, your laptop can export a 5 min 33sec 4K video in less than eight minutes. Enough with that now let’s compare the i7 11th gen with real king Ryzen 7 4800U. Instead of boring you with benchmark scores let me tell you the conclusion of the battle.

Intel i7 11th gen clearly wins the battle in Single Core and Graphics performance but when it comes to multi-core Ryzen 7 beats i7 insanely hard. Ryzen 7 features double the no of core in i7 11th gen. Intel also improved its AI engines and in a test, the 11th gen i7 was able to test 439images per second for face recognition.

Coming to the battery, there is not much revelation on the battery part. The processor is based on 10nm built but with a new design the SuperFin design. The new design should improve the battery as claimed but intel but it won’t be a big change. Anyway, that’s all the details I have. Thanks for reading. Stay Safe Stay Humble.

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