Control Your Privacy On the Internet With These Chrome Extensions

The Internet keeps track of your browsing history all the time. Google is known for its creepy behavior and has even faced a lawsuit for the same. Target Advertising is on the rise and the tech is mostly powered by Google. Today almost all internet websites use cookies to track your behavior over the internet and show you ads related to your browsing data.

Everyone gives you a privacy notice but you never read it. No one does. Chrome’s Do not track feature is useless. Apple’s Safari is one of the best Privacy focused browsers and Firefox is the best Privacy focused web browser. As most of you use Chrome as your day-to-day browser, here are some extensions you can use to protect yourself on the Internet.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is a free chrome extension that helps you block online tracking in your browser. How does Privacy Badger work? It looks for repetitive code which includes plugins and ads. If the plugin finds something suspicious like the same ads on multiple pages then the plugin instructs the browser not to load any more of that code.


The Well known privacy-focused search engine also provides a free extension for chrome users. You can use this extension to block any third party trackers in your browser. It also shows you which ad network is following you over the internet.

Privacy is important. If you value privacy then I advice you to use Privacy focused web browsers like firefox. Firefox is available for all types of devices and is free and Open Source.

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