Kirin 9000 vs Snapdragon 865+

Qualcomm always took the lead in the Android Market with its powerful processors. But this time Huawei took the game to next level. Kirin 9000 is way ahead of Snapdragon 865+ and might even compete with SD875 in some aspects. Kirin 9000 could be the last flagship chip that Huawei built. Huawei’s Chip manufacturing is in jeopardy due to the US ban.

Kirin 9000 powers Huawei Mate 40 Pro and will feature in P series as well. It is the world’s first 5nm chip with an integrated 5G modem. The Chip supports up to 6.5GBPS download speed with 5G aggregation. Huawei claims the modem is 5x faster in upload and 2x faster in download compared to Qualcomm X55 Modem. The Chip is using Arm-Cortex A77 cores which are a year old than the latest A78 cores.

Even with old cores Kirin 9000 is 10% faster than Snapdragon 865+ in CPU performance. Coming to GPU Kirin 9000 features a 24 core Mali G78 Graphics engine which makes it 52% faster than Qualcomm SD865 plus. Neural Processing Units are important in modern smartphones for photography, AI, and many smart features. Kirin 9000 features a 240% faster NPU compared to SD865 Plus.

Coming to Efficiency, Kirin 9000 is 25% more efficient on the CPU front, 150% more efficient NPU, 50% more efficient Graphics engine than Snapdragon 865 Plus. Those, are some pretty big numbers. In multiple benchmark tests, Huawei’s Kirin 9000 is ranked #1 in Android Segment in all aspects. It will be interesting to see how SD875 will stand against the Kirin 9000. A14 Bionic is still the fastest chipset but we will know about the whole truth once ARM macs are out.

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