Starlink is Live Now: App, Price and More

Elon Musk’s Satellite Internet Experiment is finally live. The Beta users will get access to Starlink’s high-speed internet this week. CNBC reported that SpaceX emails about pricing and details went out on Monday to early users. Starlink aims to offer high speed Satellite Internet that can provide coverage to any place around the world for one single monthly subscription.

The monthly subscription will cost 99$ per month and users will have to pay 499$ upfront for the starter kit and all the setup. The starter kit includes all the equipment necessary to connect to the Starlink Internet including – a terminal, a tripod, wifi router. Starlink app is available for both Android and iOS for select users. The app gives more info about early access and how to connect.

The Initial Beta Program is named “Better than nothing beta”. The US and Canada will be covered this year and Global Coverage will roll out next year. The Speed is expected to be somewhere 50 to 150MBPS with 40 to 20ms latency in beta phase. But as the Starlink experiment progresses we will see significant improvements in those numbers.

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