Dell XPS 13 vs MacBook Pro: Who is the Champion of 2020?

The MacBook Pro 2020 is the Game Changer but Dell XPS 13 has always been a direct threat to its crown. Who will win Among two of the most dominant Premium laptops? Dell XPS 13 is a laptop powered by 11th Generation Intel Processor and Holds the title of best Windows Laptop. On the Other hand, MacBook Pro 13 inch is powered by the mighty Apple M1 Chip. Let’s take a closer look


When you spend $1000+ for a laptop it is likely to expect a top-notch laptop design. Dell XPS 13 weighs just 2.8 pounds compared to 3 pounds of MacBook Pro. Both Laptops are covered by aluminum chassis. Dell XPS 13 has a twin coil hinge which makes opening the laptop with one hand really easy.

Coming to Ports both the laptops are minimalist in terms of ports. Dell XPS comes with thunderbolt 4 ports while MacBook Pro comes with thunderbolt 3 ports with USB4 support. Dell also has a microSD card slot and headphone jack plus it comes with a USB-C to A Adapter. So, the winner in terms of design is Dell XPS 13.


Dell XPS 13 features an infinity-edge Display with nearly no bezels. While the MacBook Pro’s display is surrounded by thin bezels which doesn’t look even close to Dell in terms of aesthetics. But, in terms of quality MacBook Pro display is better. MacBook Pro can produce 78.3% on the DCI-P3 color gamut compared to 69.4% of Dell XPS 13. The MacBook is also brighter with 469 nits compared to 435 nits on Dell XPS 13. Winner MacBook Pro.


MacBooks always had an edge in terms of the speaker it’s been history. The story is no different in 2020. MacBook Pro clearly has the advantage with its top firing speakers. But the Quality is great on both the laptops. However, MacBook Pro has a bit distorted higher notes but XPS 13 restrained overall performance. The bass sounds more fuller on MacBook Pro while higher chords had more depth on XPS 13. But Overall, MacBook Pro Wins.


Dell increased the size of its island-style backlit keys by 9%, making it easy to type. Keys are well spaced and offer bouncy and firm feedback. Apple’s magic keyboard on the other hand is the best you can get on a laptop. With Apple’s Magic Keyboard you will be able to type up to 8.57% faster compared to Dell XPS 13. The Winner is MacBook Pro.


MacBook Pro is powered by M1 and the new ARM chip is literally a mighty powerhouse. On Geekbench 5.0 MacBook Pro achieved a score of 5882 compared to XPS 13’s 5254. Handbrake(Rosetta 2 version) converted 4K video to 1080p at a 27% faster rate compared to XPS 13 and Handbrake’s Silicon Beta was up to 50% faster on MacBook Pro.

The 8 Core Graphics on M1 Chip is incredibly powerful and the only closest GPU is Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti GPU. The Intel Xe Graphics is the most powerful integrated GPU that intel built but M1 Chip outperforms it with ease. The MacBook Pro can run Rise of Tomb Raider 1080p at 18fps compared to 12 on XPS 13. Sid Meier’s Civilisation runs at 29fps on MacBook Pro Compared to 16 on XPS 13. Winner MacBook Pro.

Battery Life

MacBook Pro offers the best battery backup ever in a Mac. It lasted for 16hrs and 32 minutes in Laptop Mag’s battery test while the XPS 13 lasted only 11 hrs and 7 min which is 31% low compared to MacBook Pro. MacBook Pro Wins.


Both Laptops are similarly priced. And when you spend money to buy something you deserve the best of best in that price category. MacBook Pro is clearly the best laptop in the market right now. Most of Professionals apps will port to Apple silicon by the end of 2021 and by the end of 2022 Apple will be first with a universal App Store. Apple silicon will not only provide the best performance but also efficiency. Which means lighter, better performing Macs.

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