A Student Group Just Found Solution To Cure Plastic Pollution

Pollution is a rising concern for the entire humanity. From Air Pollution to Water Everything is on the rise. Plastic is one of the most important ingredients that contribute to pollution. And one of the leading Contributors to Plastic Pollution is worn tires. A Group of Design Students in London Developed a method of capturing microplastic debris released from Car tires.

The Solution allows the user to recycle the collected debris, potentially minimizing annual tire production altogether. Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that kick up into the air, coat the environment surrounding roads, enter soil, and rush out to the open ocean. It has been known to prevent fertility, growth and survival in marine life and can be very tricky if not impossible once entered into water.

The Students designed a method to capture the tread from the tires before it reaches the road. The method comes in the form of capsule that sits behind the tire capturing tiny rubber particles as they peel off the tire. And after that these particles can be removed and disposed off properly. The Captured particles can ideally be recycled as new tires or shoe insoles or even pen inks.

In the year 2019, the world discarded 3 billion tires. Microplastic pollution can be 1000times more hazardous than petrol emission according to emission analytics. This Creative solution will help the world fight pollution more effectively. Thanks for reading. Comment your queries down below.

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