Netflix Shuffle Play: Stay Hooked

With so many choices out there its difficult to choose a good TV show or movie to watch in your chill session. Netflix understands that and is going to introduce a new feature to help you decide what to watch. Two days ago Netflix announced its Q4 earnings report for 2020 which was positive for investors. Netflix added 8.5 million new paying subscribers in Q4 of 2020 and a total of 37million subscribers in 2020.

Netflix is investing heavily on content and releases something new almost every week. Netflix understands that so many choices disabled the ability to choose, leading to disappointment and finally quitting Netflix. But the Company doesn’t want you to go away that’s why it will soon introduce ‘Shuffle Play’. You might have noticed Netflix do have a recommendation system already working but that only recommends shows based on your history.

Now you will have a dedicated button for shuffle play that will recommend you shows based on your Netflix activity. The feature is already in testing phase and will roll out soon. Shuffle play was first spotted in August 2020. Shuffle play will be great to have in your limited time schedule. You can just let Netflix decide what to watch next and save time.

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