Pixel 6: Powered By Google’s Processor

GS101 the codename for the new Google SoC. The Chipset is believed to be part of Google’s Whitechapel project. 9to5Google reported Google is building this chipset for two new smartphones the successor to pixel 4a 5G and pixel 5. One of these smartphones will be the rumored Pixel 6 and the other one could be a cheaper model. Rumors of Google’s Chipset first were reported by Axios last year.

Axios reported in its post that Google is planning in-house chip manufacturing for its Chromebooks and pixel devices. GS101 chip will feature three cluster setups with a TPU(Tensor Processing Unit) for machine learning. GS101 might also feature an integrated security chip just like Titan M Chip introduced a couple of years back.

9to5Google also reported references of Slider codename, which it said points to Samsung Exynos chipsets. This means there could be Samsung’s involvement in the manufacturing referred by Axios as well last year. When hardware and software are built by the same company the performance of devices can be improved many folds as we have seen in the case of Apple. Let’s see how this new chip will change Android Performance for Good.

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