Why Never To Use Bogus Smartphone Chargers?

If you lose your smartphone charger and you are a price-conscious person, most probably you will pick a duplicate charger or a fake charger. Fake chargers are cheap initially but they could be expensive over time. As much as this applies to the charger it also applies to the charging cable. You should never use a cheap or duplicate charger or charging cables here is why?

Battery Damage

Several reports suggest that over time chargers other than the one that is built for your smartphone will damage your battery. Genuine chargers have safety features like they stop supplying power to your smartphone when it’s full protecting against overcharge. It also makes sure that your smartphone receives an ample amount of current to charge its battery. Supplying too much current or overcharging can lead to smartphone battery damage.

Charging Time

If your phone supports fast charging, there is a very high chance that the cheap charger won’t support fast charging. Even if it does there is a very high chance that it will overheat your smartphone and ultimately lead to an explosion. They might even have a current leak because of poor design which will add to slow charging speeds. In fact, there are chargers that just light up your smartphone charging light and don’t charge your smartphone even after hours of connecting.

Using Other phones genuine chargers

If you are using a genuine charger of some other smartphone then it might be a good short term arrangement but it is not right in the long term. The most important factor is charging speeds that will be affected. If the smartphone charger that you are using is of some cheap quality smartphone then it might have adverse effects. But in most cases it is harmless to use other genuine smartphone chargers as long as your smartphone accepts it.

What about poor cable?

Poor quality cables will affect charging speeds but they are highly unlikely to damage your smartphone as long as they don’t burn. A very cheap quality cable if connected to a fast charger might burn in the charging process.

That’s all the information I have. If you have any other questions please leave them in the comments and I will answer each one of them.

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