The BIOS Conspiracy

BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is a very small piece of code contained on a chip. When you turn on your PC BIOS checks the basic settings and configuration of your PC and then connects it to OS. But why does it matter in dual booting? When you want to dual boot your PC you need to change certain boot configurations. In some laptops, you might need to disable RST to dual boot while in order to install a second OS you need to change the primary boot configuration in BIOS.

For the non-techy BIOS is simply a toolbox that can help you change the way your computer boots up. But, how do you access the BIOS and how can you change configurations? Now, that’s the difficult part BIOS can be of different types, different laptops have different BIOS interfaces it is quite impossible to display all the interfaces in one blog post. However, I can tell you some tricks that help you configure the BIOS on any machine.

Suppose you own an Asus zenbook 14 and you want to know how to enter its BIOS configuration. Just type this in Google: “BIOS configuration in Asus zenbook 14“. That’s it, the first line on Google will tell you exactly how to open BIOS in your machine. Now further changes depend on what you wanna do in BIOS. The most common thing that we do is change the boot priority. Some BIOS interfaces will have a Boot Priority menu in the top right corner. While if its a white and blue interface then you need to navigate to advanced and there you will find boot priority.

If you can’t find the configuration for your machine comment below I will make a separate Post for that machine’s BIOS configuration.

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