OnePlus Nord 2: Upgrade But Lousy

OnePlus is back with an addition to their Nord series. OnePlus Nord 2, released in August of 2021, has a baseline rate of INR 29,999. It has 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, it comes in three colors, out of which, Green-Wood seems to be the public favorite. For this phone, OnePlus and MediaTek collaborated, and it has MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI. It runs better than the previous, OnePlus Nord. There are 3 rear cameras and 1 front. It has a regular 6.43 inches screen and a 65watt charger and HDR10+ AMOLED display.

The Better Half

The new Mediatek 1200-AI in the OnePlus Nord 2 functions better and faster. There is no issue of overheating even while using multiple heavy apps. It doesn’t lag with average gaming sessions and can run with higher graphics quality without heating. They’ve improved the stereo quality by a significant amount, which makes watching movies even better. The 65watt charger is quick and efficient, the phone charges to 100% in 30 minutes.

Despite the combined reactions in the past, they’ve brought the alert slider back for this phone. The front-end camera is at the top left corner of the phone, so there’s no issue of the hole punch interfering with the viewing experience. The night mode of both front and rear-end cameras allows more light into them. This makes for a better experience while taking photos at night. This mode is brighter and increases the details. The stability of the output videos is great, even though it crops a very small area to make it as such.

The Lousy Other

While there are many upgrades in OnePlus Nord 2, there are several other problems too. Firstly, there is no 3.5mm headphone jack in this version. This probably means you’ll have to buy Bluetooth headphones if you previously didn’t own a pair. The refresh rate of the phone is only 90Hz. This doesn’t look good for OnePlus, since the standard refresh rate for 2021 has been 120Hz.

While the night mode of the cameras is good, the rest is average. All the front and rear-end cameras click average pictures in daylight. The main 50MP camera is the best camera of all. The portrait mode is alright, and the selfie mode too. The only word to describe the cameras is average.


OnePlus Nord 2 brings the company back into the game, but they have high competition. Poco F3 GT is their biggest competitor for this particular smartphone. It’s a mid-range phone for the midrange price. The features of it are worth the money. However, this phone doesn’t have a specific target. It’s good for regular phone users who just want a better version of their previous phone.

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