Apple Self Repair: Phone Fixing DIY

In a surprising turn of events, Apple announced the start of a self repair program.

On 17th November, Apple had a press release about Self Service Repair program. This will be available in 2022, in US first, then to other countries.

According to Apple, this program will make it easier for an average user to fix their iPhone. There’s no shortage of Apple service centers worldwide. This program will give customers and others access to parts for their iPhones and Macs in the future. This is a curious move from Apple.

Why is This Happening?

The company didn’t talk about why they made these changes. There are two main reasons people think Apple is doing this. The first one is because of a shareholder fight. Environmental advocates filed with the company, asking them to re-evaluate their stance on independent repair. The key deadline was on November 17th. (via TheVerge.)

The second reason is The White House, the Federal Trade Commission, and some states in US might pass right-to-repair measures. This could force companies to allow customers maintenance.

But there’s no solid reason in light yet.

What’s In It?

This program will include more than 200 individual parts to customers.

So far, Apple has said repairing iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 will be possible. More parts and more devices will come in the future. They’ve focused on the core components of the devices. The parts which are repaired the most: camera, battery, and display.

These parts are considered to be the “first phase” of this program. Later, M1-based Macs will be eligible.

Apple emphasizes that Self Service Repair program is for specific people. The program is for those with experience repairing electronics. Apple says the “vast majority” of their users should go to Apple-approved centers and certified technicians. This is because Apple considers those two options as “safest and most reliable way to get a repair.”

A repair manual will be available, where customers can order relevant parts online. It’s through Self Service Repair online store.

However, there’s no price tag to these parts yet. The only confirmed part is: customers who return the used parts for recycling will get credit.

Is this ‘upgrade’ of Apple’s service a good idea? Only time will tell. But Apple has already begun making their devices more do-it-yourself friendly.

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