Android 13 Leaks: Notifs, Bluetooth, and More

Google’s Android 13 OS updates already has two separate leaks/reports.

Android 12 is rolling out in smartphones. Android 12L beta for foldable phones is already made available in light of it’s official launch in early 2022.

These two events are happening right now, and Google is already working on the next big OS update on phones.

The two separate reports/leaks are:

By a noted leaker Mishaal R., who posted on his twitter page about it. The ‘evidence’ reports that Android 13 will support Bluetooth LE (low energy) Audio. This LE Audio codec launched in September, and it offers higher-quality of audio on smaller and low-powered devices.

Next, by XDA-Developers. They’ve written an “exclusive first-look” on Android 13. They mention new features. A new runtime permission for notifications. This may allow users to disable notifications on specific apps.

“Users may be able to choose whether they want to allow an app to send a notification to their device,” explains the post by XDA-Developers. This feature, if this leak turns out to be true, may eliminate notification spam android users get all day.

After this, they talk about “TARE” (The Android Resource Economy) that will help apps better use their battery resources. In better terms the post describes it “as a form of currency” that is in relation with the device’s battery.

And finally, the blog post claims that the OS update could offer ways to change lockscreen layout. (Read the blogpost here.)

However, no matter how exciting the reports, it’s important to remember these are just rumours. Google has not provided any confirmation about these two leaks/rumours.

It’s also possible that these features may not meet the mark. Don’t take any of these leaks seriously until Google reveals Android 13 in next year.

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