The Role Played

People that surround you matter. But, what role exactly do the people around you play in your life and more importantly in shaping your life? Let’s try to remember the story of one foul apple ruining the entire basket of apples. Just like the foul apple shared its disease with surrounding apples people around you share their good and bad with you. People that surround you affect the way you act, speak, think, and more importantly behave.

Human nature is to learn from surroundings. To be motivated by surroundings, to be charged up by surroundings. If you are surrounded by positive people you will be cheerful all the time. If you are surrounded by toxic people you will end up being toxic yourself. If you surround yourself with people smarter than you, you learn, grow and become smarter in the end. The People that surround you either motivate you to do better in life or show jealousy and drown you with them.

If you are ambitious person and surround yourself with ambition less people, you will end up killing your dreams. But, then you must argue that can’t you be the positive light into a toxic person’s life. Yes, you can but there are two things to consider, if you want to improve a toxic person’s life you will have to forget about your life. Next if the toxic person doesn’t want to change you can try all your life to change them they won’t. And if the toxic person wants to change himself/herself then they don’t need you.

Better to use your bob the builder skills in building your dreams. Never get attached to someone in such a way that you try to build their lives. The best you can do is help people out when they need it Surround yourself with people that align with your goals and dreams. Lifestyles can be different but the way you think should somewhat coincide. If it doesn’t then keep a distance from such people.

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  1. Upasna
    June 11, 2022

    Indeed a wordsmith!

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