MacBook Air 2022: Everything we know.

Rumours of MacBook Air have been flying around since last year. The last MacBook Air that was released in November of 2020, and after two years, it finally feels like we’ll have the new MacBook Air in 2022. The rumours have been going around since the beginning of 2021, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg predicted the release to be late-2021 or in 2022.

New MacBook Air, of course, means new design and better quality. But the most anticipated reason is the price. The leaks and rumours promise exciting new features, check them out below!

Exciting Changes

Anything new in Apple comes with changes that are welcome. MacBook Air of 2022 is rumoured to come in colours! Finally, there are choices other than Space Grey and Silver. 

Leaker Jon Prosser released a video on YouTube showing off the variety Apple is providing. The new MacBook Air might have colours similar to the 24inch iMac: blue, green, pink, silver, yellow, orange, and purple. 

Image Credit: Jon Prosser X RendersbyIan

This is a huge, exciting change! Since its release in 2006 (2008 for MacBook Air), this is the first time ever MacBooks might be available in more than two basic colours.

In the same video, the leaker claims that the sleek, straight line on the upper part of the screen is changed. This straight line has been an important design of the MacBook. The bezels (the border of a screen on any device) on three sides have been thin except for the upper part. 

Now, Apple seems to have changed their design. The new MacBook is supposed to have a notch around the camera. So all the bezels are thin, but the upper part has a single notch instead of being thick.

The camera, too, is rumoured to be new. The previous MacBooks had a 720p camera, which was good enough, but many weren’t a huge fan of it. Now, Apple seems to have made the camera 1080p instead. It’s a huge leap from their previous camera. If this rumour turns out to be true, Apple is sure to make their customers more happy and loyal.

New But Borrowed

Not all of the new MacBook Air is new, though. Apple likes to directly borrow some features from their MacBook Pros. The M1 series of their MacBook Air were borrowed from Pro, and this is expected of the MacBook Air as well.

The new MacBook Air is expected to have the same 30W charger. It is said to come with full-size function keys, just like the MacBook Pro from 2021, and be completely white instead of black. (As shown in the leaked image below.)

Image Credit: Jon Prosser X RendersbyIan

Air has been named as such for being more portable than the Pro versions. The new Air is expected to be 13inches long.

MacBook Air (2022) might bring back Apple’s multiple external displays support! They discontinued the production of external monitors in 2016, and they may come back after almost 6 years. A single external monitor came out in 2019, but nothing else since then.

MacBook Pro has a new chipset called M2. Leaker Dylan on Twitter tweeted about it (his account has been deleted/moved since then). The new M2 chipset contains a 8-core CPU, 10-core GPU, and a 4nm Processor. This is, of course, better than the M1 chips for the previous MacBooks.

Better Changes, Better Prices

Now the most exciting part: MacBook Air will get better in everything, but will have the same affordable price (999 USD or 55-92,000 INR). This is arguably the best rumour that’s going around in tech circles. Since many people don’t require previous MacBook Pro’s abilities unless they’re extreme pros, this better-and-affordable version of MacBook Air could be a game-changer.

The HDMI and SD card ports have a chance of disappearing. This means there may be more USB-C ports. Although it begs the question of why Apple would remove handy ports like SD card and HDMI.

Apple may be considering a name change too. ‘Air’ was used to refer to ‘light and affordable’ of all Apple products. Since it’s not true anymore, this new macbook could be simply called “MacBook” when it’s released.

Its release is anticipated around May of 2022. And that’s everything we know about the MacBook Air (2022), as of Feb 2022. We’ll update this article as we find out more and more! 

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