Top 10 Sports activities in Rishikesh

Last updated on March 7, 2022

Who says that if you want to do extreme sports then you have to out of India. The statement is completely wrong.

In India, You can do the most tremendous extreme sports at Rishikesh ( Rishikesh, a city of northern state, Uttarakhand) Which is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas & across the centre of which, Rivers Ganga flows.

Rishikesh is place where you will get a complete impression of beauty & serenity & there you can do numerous extreme sports in one place altogether.

I will explain 10 sports activities that you can do in Rishikesh .

And what are the rules/ guidelines to take part in those activities. I will try to give you all these details

But before that I provide you some important information about Rishikesh. The best time to visit Rishikesh is between June and September. Where the monsoons month is going on. From march till June the weather remains too sunny in Rishikesh. The temperature reaches 36 degrees. And during winter from October to February its too cold out there. So, the best time is between June and September.


How to reach Rishikesh

You can reach Rishikesh via all three ways that is flights , trains and bus

Nearest Airport Dehradun airport

Dehradun airport

Nearest railway station is in Haridwar station. Although there is a railway station in Rishikesh as well but not many trains operate here .

You can get easily bus to Dehradun or Haridwar. From where you can easily reach Rishikesh by a private rickshaw or bus .

Bus stand Rishikesh

Let’s start with the Top 10 extreme sports that you can do in Rishikesh

On number 10, Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping

In Rishikesh, Bungee jumping is thrilled beyond your imagination. One ticket of bungee jumping cost approximately 3500 INR for one bungee jumping after that, you will have to wait in cafeteria area, people before you will be called out first then it will be your turn . You might have to wait for a long time to do bungee jumping because its a popular sport.

The platform from where you will do bungee jumping in Rishikesh, its height is 83 meter and definitely its not easy to jump from this height. Its like you will stood in 30th floor. There are only get two attempts. You will be made to stand at the cliff and no one will push you . They make you stand at the cliff with full safety precautions. You will feel nervous and many questions raise in your mind when you look down and you see the depth from platform to bottom river with rocks . They make you stand at the cliff and instructors make a countdown to 3 like 1,2,3 jump ! Jump ! If you don’t jump at that time your jump will stand to cancel. After that , you wont get another attempt & all the money you gave will be forfeited. You can’t get a refund either. If you jumped! You will accelerating towards the river . You screams pierced through the peaceful valley and the green forests around you . You will falling through multiple layers of air at a rapid, very rapid pace.Bungee Jumping as the most thrilling adventure of your lifetime.

Height of platform from ground

On Number 9 and 8 Flying fox and Giant swings respectively.

In flying fox you will fly like superman with the help of a harness it also the ultimate experience. Giant swing is mammoth swing.

In which you are pushed off the platform with harness and you take a big swing of the entire valley.

Th minimum age of 12 years and max weight should be 20 kg and max 130 kg.

Giant swing – INR 600
Flying fox

On number 7 and 6 WATER RAFTING and CLIFF JUMPING.

Rishikesh is the best destination for water rafting in India water length starts from 8km to 35 km, Best time for Rafting September to may.

There are 4 different tracks to do water rafting

*8kms BRHAMPURI to Rishikesh

16 kms Shivpuri to Rishikesh

32 kms marine drive to Rishikesh

35 kms kaudilya to Rishikesh


You booked rafting online or offline . You need to reach your booking destination. They will take you from starting rafting destination. They will provide you life kit and instruction to help in rafting .

You will do tremendous fun. You will be through 3-4 water rapids . You will enjoyed a lot . You will never forget this adventurous sport in your life.

You will also come across a cliff jump point. You get cliff jumping as well. You will also do that activity in which you need to jump into the water from big rock.

Cliff jumping

On Number 5 AIR SAFARI

Air safari is very popular activity amongst the youngsters. Which is conducted at the adventure capital of India. In Air safari, a few experienced pilot put you on a sports plane and take you to a height of around 1600 meter. In which your speed remains to 45 to 60 km/ hr.

In this activity you can have a bird eye view of the entire Rishikesh.

Air safari


In g-force you are made to sit on a circular barrel iron pipes and tied with an long elasticity rope.

Then with the help launching mechanism. You are bounced to a height of 180 feet within 4 to 5 seconds in which your speed os 200 km/h. G- force is the most funny and thrilling activity. You will feel gravity force in a thumping way.

G- force is also knows as reverse bungee

On number 3 ZIP LINE

Zip line is activity in which you are carried from one end to another end . Height of zip line is approx 70 meter and you have to cover 750 meter . You will see beautiful view .

Zip line

On number 2 TREKKING

Rishikesh is a such wonderful place that you can do trekking anywhere around here. Whether you do this trekking alongside the shores of RIVER GANGAS or you go to cottages in mountains. Trekking is the best thing you can do without equipment. You need lot of stamina and energy to trekking.

Rishikesh is a very amazing place for trekking. The fresh air and fresh water and natural beauty view make this place an ideal destination for trekking.


On Number 1 CAMPING

You will go for camp and complete your registration & get on with the entry. You check in there camps & manager will told you scheduled for the entire day. You will go to your tent room. If you book any camp in Rishikesh. You will get breakfast,lunch, dinner, included with the camps. The food at the camps in Rishikesh is reasonable fair .


These are the top 10 sports activities in Rishikesh. Everyone need to experience the adventures sport activities in their life .

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