Twitter: Edit Your Tweets

The most anticipated feature since the beginning of twitter is the ability to edit your tweets. We are humans we all make mistakes. Sometimes it’s as simple as a spelling mistake for that we have to delete the entire tweet and then retweet. That is not convenient. Twitter began testing for this feature in April but for now it will be released to limited users in select region. Limited users means the blue subscribers.

The region includes Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Though the feature will make its way to all other regions but it is not yet clear whether it will be limited to blue subscribers or it will be available for free in near future. The new feature will let you edit your tweet within first 30minutes of posting and you can do up to 5 revisions. Twitter focuses on transparency as well. Any user can click on last edited link to see the edit history of a tweet.

But nothing on twitter comes without limitations. Edit feature has its own limitations. You can not edit a super follow tweet, third-party tweet, replies, retweets, threads, pinned tweet. The feature is still not fully developed and can be tested via the Labs section of Twitter Blue. But there is a reason to believe once the feature is successfully developed it will be open for all twitter users.

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