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Over the course of centuries the food we eat has drastically changed. This change has been both good and bad. Today food is easily available to us but it lacks many of the vital nutrients. Especially vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and Minerals are very essential for proper functioning of the body. Infact, minerals are potent like zinc which is vital for proper immunity, and hormonal functioning. Let me put some light on to what multivitamins can do to your body


We need energy to do our day to day activities. Energy is produced by various chemical processes inside our body. And guess what all these chemical processes requires vitamins and minerals. When you start taking the required amount of vitamins and minerals with food or as supplement you will experience an increase in your energy levels. As more people shift to non vegetarian diets multi vitamins will become more essential to our livelihood.


Every wondered why almost all gym goers supplement with multivitamins. People who regularly exercise are very well aware that vitamins and mineral play a key role in testosterone health. Which is the major muscle growth hormone. If you have high T essentially you have better chances of building more muscles. But that doesn’t mean you can double your vitamin dose and expect better results. For optimal results you need proper nutrition of vitamin and minerals along with proteins, carbs and fats. But, overdosing any of those things will only lead to negative effects.


When you are properly fed and you body has all the nutrients required to perform its internal activities. Your body is happy and you feel great. You feel more alive, energetic and more alert. Atop of that vitamin b12 & omega 3 improves brain function and reduces depression and stress. Once the depression, stress is low you experience increased alertness as your brain has other things to focus on than your stress levels.

Skin, Hair and Eyes

Apart from these Multivitamins and minerals can help you get better skin, hair and eye. Vitamin A prevents muscular degeneration of eyes due to aging. Zinc, iron and vitamin are good for hair while vitamin d, k, c and others work better for skin. But ofcourse that doesn’t mean taking your vitamins will make you fairer or more handsome. It will just prevent further degeneration.

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