Principles: Why you need them?

One of the basic traits of traditional masculinity is stoicism. And the core of stoicism states that a man must introduce principles that limit his actions and behaviour to hold the monster in him. But, somewhere in the eagerness to be modern and cool we forgot the importance of principles and values. Principles are what that forms the ground of your character. It gives you a sense of being something. Living a life with ideal principles cultivates wisdom, integrity, confidence, perseverance, honesty, confidence, sincerity. But the question is what are the ideal principles you should hold on to? Well, that’s for you to figure out.

Ideal Principles

Ideal Principles are those that allow you to be a better version of yourself. But, in order to establish principles you need to learn and explore and question. The more you question things around you the better you will be at defining principles for life. Each individual has its on different set of principles based on its environment, upbringing and beliefs. One of the basic principles to live by is not to break your word. Such principles help you establish yourself as a powerful character and become a driving force. It is the man with principles who holds the ground in a war not a boy with dreams. Be formidable not a weakling. Think about the impact of a principle on your life and more importantly on your character. If it helps better your life and character then and only then its’ an ideal principle.

Key Principles

Key Principles are some of the pre defined principles that you can take away from the lives of great men and history. Let’s list some of those here:

  • Acknowledge that all Emotions come from within and therefore can be controlled
  • Fine someone you respect and use them to stay honest
  • Recognise failure is not the end
  • Read purposefully and apply your knowledge
  • Challenge yourself to be brutally honest
  • Reflect on what you spend most of your time and is it worth it?
  • Remind yourself procrastination is waste of time you can do better
  • Enjoy silence. Befriend the darkness
  • Time is invaluable use it wisely.
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