Excellence: A Never Ending Process

Last updated on May 18, 2023

Excellence is not a state to be achieved rather a never ending process that is to be ingrained in your lifestyle.

-A Great Sage Once Said

Often Excellence is defined as the essence of being of the greatest quality. But, what is considered greatest well the parameters for greatness might be different for different people. Some might define it to have all the wealth is what makes you great. Some might associate greatness with sheer force. And on the contrary some might associate greatness with perfection. It is only the wise who defines greatness to be the pursuit of perfection. Therefore, Excellence is a process of pursuing perfection. Perfection as an individual. Perfection of character, wisdom, health.

Excellence if defined in the intrinsic human nature is the ability to identify and chase the true perfect form of oneself physically and spiritually. You can do all the Yoga and meditation in the world you will never be able to connect with your spirit unless you develop a sense of purpose. Yoga and meditation can only help you in the pursuit of purpose thereby paving the path to spiritual awakening. Excellence is a journey towards this spiritual awakening. When you look yourself in the mirror and are ashamed of your own physical form you are far away from being excellent.

Excellence is achieving that greatness of what your body is capable of and then living up to that greatness. Not allowing your feelings or laziness come in the way and put yourself back into the filth. Excellence is a process of lifting yourself up and living upto your Godly standards that you are capable of.

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