Denial: Root of the problem

Misery is the result of living in state of denial.


Denial is a state of mind in which a person refuses to accept the truth. No matter if the truth proves itself again and again the person will refuse to accept it. People living in denial will always put their imaginary lies above the real truth and often end up destroying their lives. And when their fancy imaginary lies are crushed by the benevolent truth they end up in misery. Or in the worst-case scenario commit suicide. If you take a closer look into any problem in your life the root of it somewhere is your denial. After all, problems begin when people start living in an imaginary world where things should go smoothly. Without allowing the possibility of any ups and downs. And as these people walk through the ups and downs of life they feel cheated by themselves. Often people living in a state of denial have fragile egos and underdeveloped reason. For a man of reason, it’s impossible to ignore the truth and live in denial.

Why & how denial works

Denial is easy. Living in a state of denial is way more comforting than accepting the problem and working on resolving it. However, this is temporary comfort and as you continue living in a state of denial your problem keeps getting bigger. And one day you regret not working to find a solution for the problem. Denial is also associated with certain negative character traits. People living in denial often share some common traits. They all have an underdeveloped reason, and are too afraid of the work it takes to face the issue means they are lazy. However, denial isn’t always bad. Sometimes denial is used by people to trick themselves into believing something that helps them heal. Man often live in a state of denial of their feelings which makes them mentally stronger. Helps them heal from broken hearts and emotional damage. As for feelings, there are only two possible ways to handle either put your feelings to use or deny their existence.

Denial is also used as a manipulative technique. Clinical psychologists deny accepting patients’ problems. So, as to expose the true underlying problem that they might have by provoking them. Exceptional people use denial to improve and make themselves unstoppable. Geniuses who refuse to accept their weakness can stop them from achieving a certain goal trick their mind to ignore their weakness and leverage their strength. The most harmful form of denial is unconscious denial. When you are denying to accept certain points subconsciously without being aware of it. The best example could be superstitious beliefs. Beliefs such as some place is haunted the belief of which is based on a story told by some old man just for fun. The belief is imparted from generation to generation and people subconsciously deny to accept the fact it could be a fallacy.

Dealing with denial

The first step towards dealing with denial is acceptance. You have to accept that you are in a state of denial and understand the problem. Use reason to find a solution break the solution into minute tasks and start working. Dealing with denial is all about action. And action is all about your willingness to do something. And willingness is nothing but a state of mind that can be forced. All you have to do is use denial to neglect all the negative feeling that comes to your mind before taking action. Oh, what if it all went wrong? Tell yourself you have nothing to lose what does it matter. What if I am not the lucky one? It’s too much work. Tell yourself you are the chosen one and luck is just a matter of hard work. Just remember your brain can be programmed to think and do as you desire. You just have to use the right words.

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