What is a HeatMap and How it helps in Web UI design?

Every Website Owner either a blogger or businessman, everyone of them is looking a way to get more traffic for their websites. The primary rule to increase traffic on any website is to maintain the current audience.

Heat Maps are tools that tells you how visitors interact with your website. Which section of your UI is being used the most and which is not. Heat maps also help in identifying how your blog posts are performing by showing you how much the visitor reads. They can help you decide whether to use large Blog posts or Small. The Click and Mouse Cursor tracking are the most widely used Heat Maps.

Heat Maps also helps you identify what images works best, which element is Confusing. The dark red color on the heat map indicate your visitor clicked that area heavily. It also helps to see what products your users are interested in.

Identifying your visitors interest and improving their experience on your website is one of the best and easiest way to generate heavy traffic on your website. If you want to give heat maps a shot then search on google and select your favourite heat map agency. A Well know name i know is WebFX.

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