How to fix Faulty Hard drives?

Your Hard drive isn’t working anymore? Well the most probable cause for a hard disk failure is Corruption. Hard disk gets corrupt and can be fixed easily just by your windows PC or any third party app. The fault occurs on two levels – Software level which you will learn to fix here, and the hardware level which is quite a mess.

Before we begin fixing procedure do check the basics- Check for loose cables or screws, try it on another computer, etc.

Now if nothing works its time to open your CMD

  • Run CMD in admin mode by right clicking on it in start menu.
  • Now type “chkdsk C:/F/X/R” where C is the drive name
  • Now press enter the process shall begin.
  • Wait and the system will ask you for restart type Y
  • Wait till the system utility repairs your hard drive

In most cases these steps are enough for you to repair Your hard drive. But in cases when you this doesn’t fix things you need to perform a format. You can perform format from the windows explorer, full format is recommended.

If you want to format the disk via CMD then follow these commands-

  • Open CMD in admin mode
  • Type diskpart
  • Now type select disk X here X is the number of the disk you wish to format.
  • type clean and press enter to wipe all data.
  • Now you need to create a new partition on the drive to do so
  • Type create partition primary
  • Now type format fs=ntfs
  • Now assign a letter with assign letter = G

This is it. If your drive is still not working then you should probably consider it taking to a repair centre. Maybe you should get a new one.

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