Life Without Smartphones, is it better or Worse?

Smartphones are now an essential part of our daily lives. We cannot imagine a life without Smartphones. If someday, we don’t have our smartphone we feel frustrated. All of us are now at that point in our lives that we cannot imagine a life without smartphones. This is post where you will find how will your life change without a Smartphone.

So many everyday tasks are done with smartphones these days. If you are thinking of living a life without smartphone then get ready for some extra hustle. Smartphones serves as an entertainment media but there is more to it. Smartphones let us pay bills from home, they let us order food, book a ride and lot more. Without a Smartphone you will loose Connection to the world around you.

Social media Influence will go broke without smartphones. Many content creators will loose their jobs and demand for employment will increase. So, a World without Smartphones will be the worst nightmare of your life. But, still smartphone can be dangerous what should i do? Smartphone can be dangerous if you are addicted to it. When you break up with your social life to live on Social media.

When you leave your homework just browse through facebook feeds. When you play game in office hours. Yes, it can be dangerous but only if you let it. Use your smartphone when you need. Use it for a purpose and you will never have an issue. Wiping out smartphone all together isn’t a good decision. Wiping out bad habits of smartphone usage is.

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