Repair Old Smartphone or Buy new in 2020?

You want to buy a new smartphone in 2020. Those attractive new designs are not easy to resist. Now you think your current smartphone is pain in ass. But, think again it could be more than that. Ask a question is your smartphone old enough to retire. If yes, then what should you do with your old smartphone? Let us answer this in detail below.

First things first how old is your smartphone? If it is at least 2-2.5years old on android and at least 3-5 years old iPhone then it shall retire. Android Smartphones doesn’t last longer due to short period of Software updates. What about the Smartphone you bought last year? Smartphones haven’t changed much in terms of everyday usage. The biggest difference is the display.

Performance is identical for Smartphones from 2018 to 2019 However the specs are different. If your smartphone is at least 2 years old then you should probably wait for next 6 months to get better deal on your 2019 favourite smartphone or get a better 2020 smartphone. However if your smartphone is older, then it might show fluctuations in performance and can get you into trouble so you better replace it. For iPhone owners you can take the load for at least five years from the date of launch of your iphone.

What if your smartphone is broken or got a damaged battery. In this case you should consider asking two questions to yourself.

1- If this Smartphone doesn’t had a screen or battery damage would i still use it.

2- How new smartphone will improve my life.

If the answer to first question is yes and other is no then you better repair old smartphone. Repairing an old smartphone can cost you upto 100$. However, new smartphones cost at least twice. Smartphone is a depreciating value and you should invest in it only if you really need it. Rest is your choice. I just got my 2 years old smartphone’s battery replaced and will use it for at least 1 more year.

If you decide to buy a new smartphone then you should most probably sell your old smartphone it will save you more money. But from the environment point of view you should exchange with your new smartphone for

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