Best of Smartphones at CES 2020

CES the years biggest tech Conference. Tech Companies from around the world introduce their most innovative products here. Smartphones are declining in terms of innovation and that is reflected at CES as well. CES 2020 marked very few interesting smartphones announcement. Here is our top 5 list-

OnePlus Concept One

OnePlus Concept one introduce the Cool Vanishing Camera. The new design helps to solve the visual clutter brought by modern multi camera systems. The device uses a thin layer of electrochromic glass to make Camera disappear when not in use. Besides the cosmetic factor the glass also act as a neutral-density filter which helps prevent overexposure in images. The Concept will not be out for sale to consumers. However, the Electrochromic glass will be seen in upcoming OnePlus devices.

Samsung Galaxy S10 lite

S10 lite and Note 10 lite

In the year 2019 big Brands brought a concept of lite version of devices. All of these lite versions are comparatively cheaper but still charge premium pricing. Lite smartphones turned out to be a bad deal for the consumer as they included many tradeoffs.

S10 lite at CES is quite different, with specs like 8GB Ram, 4500mah and sd 855 it challenges the meaning of flagships. The S10 lite is even better than S10 is some scenarios. Trade-offs in the design led to a average build quality and not premium design. Headphone jack is also gone.

Teracube One

Teracube in the Middle

A Crowdfunded Startup Teracube showed at CES that Smartphone need not to pack innovative feature to stand out. Teracube One is a mid Budget Smartphone with a MSRP of $350. It offers Specs like dual rear camera, Helio P60 Chipset, 128GB Rom, 6GB Ram, 3300 mah battery.

What stands out this device is the warranty policy. You get a 4 Year Worldwide warranty which also covers the cost of shipping if you are outside US. If you Damage your device you can get it repaired for a flat fee of 39$, which includes broken screen.

If your battery degrades within a certain level in warranty perios the Company will replace it for free.

Two Other devices which will unveil at MWC 2020 are

Coolpad legacy 5G – A 360$ 5G smartphone

TCL 10 Pro – A 5G midranger under 500$.

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