When will Chrome apps officially die?

In 2016, Google announced to wind down the support for chrome apps soon. Google didn’t gave any official date before now. After almost four years Company has finalised when will chrome apps officially die. Chrome apps will bear a slow death, with different phases of death across mac, windows and Chrome OS.

Few dates you may want to remember. New apps to the chrome apps store will official be banned from march 2020. However, developers will still be able to update existing apps till June 2022, when chrome apps will stop working for everyone. The support for Chrome apps will be discontinued from June 2020 for Windows, Mac, linux, and for Chrome OS in June 2021.

Users of Chrome Enterprise and Chrome Education can get one extra year of juice out these apps before they die. Windows, Mac and Linux users will have to stop using them by the end of this year. Chrome Enterprise and Chrome Educations users get to use chrome apps for quite a bit longer.

The Current state of web browsers, Chrome platform team’s technical director Anthony Laforge suggested, “the web is in good position to answer vast majority of use cases.” As such you should not have any trouble to carry out most of the chrome apps tasks on web.

Google launched a hub to help developers transition from chrome apps to Optimising Android apps for better chrome compatibility or create better web apps. Google will keep investing heavily in chrome extensions across all platforms. The death of Chrome apps isn’t a bad thing. With the introduction of latest technologies like React native, Web apps are much more powerful than ever.

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