What factors affects Smartphones Battery life?

Smartphones battery life is widely popular topic on the internet. Give a google search and you will find millions of articles claiming to save your battery life. But in this article we are going to focus on the alternate side i.e. battery drain. If you can control battery drain then it will eventually require less charging and low replacements. Here are the factors that affect your battery life most-

Battery Size

Battery size is the primary cause for shorter battery lives. Every Battery comes with a fixed number of recharge cycles. The smaller the battery size more frequent charges it requires and more frequent it will need to be replaced. Smartphone Companies these days provide at least 3000maH battery on average. Smartphones are their with upto 5000maH batteries. Ignoring all other factors we can conclude smartphone with biggest battery will have better life.


Display drains most of your battery. The Size matters here, larger the display more is the battery drain. But usually smartphones with larger displays have larger batteries so that cuts back. Resolution is the second aspect of displays. Higer is the resolution more is the no. of pixels and more is the processing requirement. This is why most devices include different resolution mode or auto mode. The brightness affects battery heavily. You might have noticed in bright day your battery drains literally fast than indoors. Higher the refresh rates of the display more is the battery drained. That is why pixel device uses intelligent refresh rate which allows it to lower refresh rate and save battery life without affecting user experience.


Connections have massive impact on battery life. Bluetooth, wifi, mobile data, location etc. From the time you turn them on they start using battery whether you use them or not. Hardware and software optimization worked to reduce the drain but it is still a factor. The weak signals also impacts battery life heavily. The weaker is the signal of connection more frequently your device checks for signal strength to catch causing more battery drain.


An upgraded chipset is always a better choice. Every year new versions of chipsets launch which are more powerful, and energy efficient than previous generations. The clock speed affects the battery life and if you do not tweak it you are doing a great favor to your battery life. The more improved chipset is the less heating will occur which in turn boosts battery life.


The more frequently you use camera the less is your battery life. People who use their smartphone camera for photography end up replacing their batteries before the average consumer. Whenever you open camera app the hardware uses a lot of battery, the display as a viewfinder and some oem increase brightness. The Post processing in modern day smartphones requires extra battery life.

Other Hardware

Sensors, vibrations, speakers, and various other pieces of hardware drains your battery life. Think about it how often your smartphone makes some noise and vibrates. It drains battery every time it does that. The loud speakers make a huge impact. Every time you watch a video or listen to music on speakers it drains a lot of battery.

Operating System and Background Tasks

Operating system plays a very important role in battery drain. The better optimised your operating system is more battery life you get. This is the reason why iOS devices with very low battery capacity still outperforms an average of android competitors. Simple tweaks such as keeping check on background tasks, taking care of the clock speed of chipset and stopping unnecessary apps creates a big difference. New versions of OS always improves battery life, so it is better to get a device that gets long term software support.

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