What is the Future of Huawei Smartphones without Google

Huawei is one of the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Smartphones from huawei are loved by millions. Just before the US ban huawei was the no.1 Smartphone Manufacturer. So, What is the future of Huawei Smartphones without google? Google Services play an important role in our lives.

Android is a big deal, it is one of the most mature smartphone operating system. Huawei’s primary choice is Android. We recently heard about US intensifying the ban in 2020. If Huawei lose access to google services it will need a new Operating System. Huawei launched Harmony OS in 2019 as a backup OS for its devices.

Harmony OS is not Completely ready for smartphones. In its early stages this cannot compete with iOS and Android. But if we are to believe the rumours this OS is even faster than iOS. Huawei has already started testing their Harmony OS on smartphones. As the rumours say Huawei P40 Pro will dual boot android and Harmony OS.

This dual boot will help Huawei understand how their OS performs, the feedback from customers will surely help improve it. Even for Android version Huawei started its on App Store to eliminate use of Play Store. Huawei has got the resources to build a OS powerful than android from scratch. But that is not happening tomorrow.

A new OS has to go through a lot of phases and improvements. However, the Main issue that every new OS face is the app developers which is not an issue for Huawei. Harmony OS will replace Android for Huawei is near future but for now Huawei is ready to face a big loss. What do you think of the US ban on Huawei? Comment Below!

Take a look at CES 2020.

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