When Will 5G Smartphones be Affordable?

5G is a big deal. 5G Internet Speeds will change the way we live our lives. But only if it is affordable for everyone. 2019 marked the first wave of 5G Smartphones which were in the flagship range. 2020 Will mark the second wave of 5G devices, the deployment of 5G has already begun making affordable 5G smartphones a necessity. Let us answer the one question When WIll 5G smartphones be Affordable?

Every Company has different Opinions on 5G becoming Affordable. Lets take a quick look at what top players say before presenting our perspective.


Vice President of ARM believes that 2020 will still be a year for testing 5G.

BroadCom and Mediatek

Both of these Companies believe 5G smartphone will get down to 400$ price bracket in 2020.


Qualcomm announced plans for 5G adoption in 800,700, and 600 series of Chipset by the end of 2020.

The Second wave of 5G Smartphones is here. We have already seen smartphones like Honor V30 and Redmi K30 which are priced under 400$ as 5G powered. The mid range of Smartphones that is 300$-400$ will be filled with 5G Smartphones by the end of this year. Xiaomi is the most Aggressive player when it comes to budget Smartphones.

5G Smartphone Price will also depend on the Chipset and can even lead to some tradeoffs in smartphones in mid range. OnePlus is also expected to launch OnePlus 8 lite which will hopefully be a 5G Powered mid range Smartphone. 5G will not enter the Budget Smartphone market in 2020.

The third wave of 5G Smartphones i.e. 2021 will mark the beginning of 5G Budget smartphones. But hey, who know what smartphone manufacturers are upto. They can launch the Budget 5G soon especially Honor and Xiaomi. Let me Know in Comments below what you think about 5G Smartphones?

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