Why QualComm Snapdragon 865 is so hyped?

Qualcomm is the leading Player in Chip Manufacturing business. It all Comes about the innovations that qualcomm brings with every chipset. Qualcomm’s 855+ were disappointing Compared to Apple chips. With Snapdragon 865 all things seems to turn around. Let us see Why Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 is so hyped?

Connectivity and Performance

5G is all that matters in the flagship game. Qualcomm detailed the X55 modem focused on 5G months ago. The X55 modem will be paired with snapdragon 865 for 5G connectivity. X55 comes with maximum download speed of upto 7GBPS. The new modem also supports wider range of frequencies Compared to X50 particularly in sub-60GHz range. According to Qualcomm X55 is the first modem that “supports all key regions and bands including mmWave and sub-6 in both TDD and FDD frequencies.”

X55 is very important as Snapdragon 865 doesn’t onboard any modem. This leaves Smartphone Manufacturers with no choice but to provide 5G connectivity. Other than that 865 will feature Wifi 6. Coming to Performance the new Kryo 585 CPU is 25 percent faster than last years 855 while the Adreno 650 offers 25% better Performance. This isn’t a big leap then Why is Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 is so hyped? Read on to find out.

Camera and Photography Improvements

Another highlight area for Snapdragon 865 is Camera. The new ISP(Image Signal Processor), the Spectra 480 supports 2 gigapixels per second speed. Phones powered by Snapdragon 865 will be able to shoot 200MP photos that’s huge. Apart from that 8K video Recording and 960fps @720p. The new Processor will also support Capturing videos with Dolby Vision HDR, first for mobiles.


A flagship Processor cannot ignore gaming features. The new Snapdragon 865 will support upto 144Hz display refresh rates out of the box. Qualcomm will also allow OEMs to update Adreno GPU for the first time via App Store, allowing players to update GPU firmware just like PC GPUs.

Artificial Intelligence

The 5th Gen AI engine is twice more powerful than previous 4th gen. The new AI engine is 35% more Power efficient. Qualcomm Sensing Hub is designed for things like wake-word monitoring for AI assistant like Alexa, Google Assistant at extremely low power levels with support for multiple simultaneous Smart Assistance.

That is all, what qualcomm snapdragon 865 has to offer. Is it really worth such Hype, Comments your opinions below–

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