Transcribe Your Voice in Real Time with Google

Imagine a day in future when you do not need to learn different languages to talk to humans of other countries. The day is near Google Translate will soon be able to transcribe voice from language to another language as selected by the user in real time. This feature will bring the world more closer. Google Gave a demonstration of this technology at its san francisco event on tuesday.

The feature will likely require internet connection and internet speeds will ofCourse affect the translation speed and accuracy. The Company says real time transcription of conversation is way more complicated than translating single sentences. The Company also said, in the early stages only live transcription will be supported and no audio files.

The Conversation shall be live and captured from smartphone mic. Google says the transcription feature is constantly evaluating whole sentences as the audio is ongoing. From there, it tries to add correct punctuation, accents and correct word choices. The AI model will improve significantly over time but in early stages the transcription will be approximate of what is being said.

Artificial Intelligence will change our lives completely in many positive aspects. The best part of AI is it learns from its mistakes. However, The Company has not yet announced any official date when will live transcription be publicly released. But, it is expected to be available in second quarter of 2020. Let me know in comments what you think how live transcription of Google Translate will impact your lives? and also for Chrome lovers here is an announcement

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