Huawei is ready to Challenge Google

Huawei showed respect for US Ban thinking that it will be lift of soon. But, the Company is now frustrated as the ban is causing heavy loss to huawei. Huawei is ready to challenge google, and will not use licensed version of Android with google apps. Even if USA lifts the ban off huawei. US china trade war lead to this ban on huawei and now huawei is done cooperating.

According to a new report from winFuture, One of Huawei’s representative was quoted saying that the company won’t use the licensed version of Android even if US lifts the ban. Fred Wangfei, a Huawei PR rep for Austria, made the statement at a press conference in vienna. Winfuture doesn’t show the full text quoted but Roland Quandt with the help of Andreas proschofsky, tweeted “Huawei just said they will never go back to using android licensed with google services.”

Huawei always supported the use of Open Android ecosystem. But, if the news about this challenge are true then google is at pure risk. Huawei is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. The Company has got all the resources it needs to tear Android. As per the rumours, the upcoming Huawei P40 pro will be a Dual OS smartphone.

The dual os smartphone will help Company to get Customer feedback. The feedback will help huawei improve its Operating System. Customers will be able to use Android if they do not like Huawei’s OS. One will be Android without google services and other will Harmony OS. Comment below if you think Huawei can make it?

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