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Samsung OneUI is one of the best Android Skin out there. Samsung worked hard to give a better user experience. With Good Lock Samsung is now on the edge of giving its customers power of custom roms without rooting. Good Lock originally launched in 2016, went further improvements and with the latest release it offers some good features. Let us what is Good Lock by Samsung and how it gives you Power to Customise.

First thing first, how to download the Good Lock app. Its pretty simple just head to the galaxy store on your Samsung Smartphone and search for Good Lock. Good Lock is Available only on Samsung devices. But this is not it, Good Lock itself has 10 modules i.e. 10 sub apps to be installed. Just click on each module and you will be redirected to galaxy store to download them.

What Power Good lock Gives me?

Good Lock gives you some really powerful customisation options. Customisation that could only be possible on custom roms in old days. These Customisation options are made available by different modules lets take a look at each of them.


This module lets you customise your quick settings menu. From background color to font style everything can be customised just by few taps. You can choose from the available eight preset options or create your own. When you create your own you choose the font color, icon, background color, transparency, blur, etc. QuickStar overwrites theme settings and the Darkmode toggle until turned off.

Task Changer

6 options to choose from. This module lets you customise how your recent apps menu looks like. Very simple to use, just choose the blur and layout, now you are ready to go.


MultiStar allows you to customise your multi window experience. It allows you to force multi window on all apps. It allows you to choose how multi window appear, as popup or split etc. MultiStar can also prevent OS from killing your multi window apps.


NotiStar allows you to customise from which apps you receive notification. it also allows filtering with keywords like receive only those sms that contains word emergency.

Theme Park

Creating Custom themes is not just a matter of few taps. This module allows you to select a main color few wallpapers and gives you your own custom theme with dark mode support. You can enable your custom themes from Theme app.

Nice Catch

This module creates a log of everything that happens on your device. A log whenever you receive a notification. A log for whenever you change your settings, etc.

OneHand Operation Plus

A module that lets you customise android 10 Gestures. You can customise each side swipe to different actions as you please.

Edge Lightning Plus

This comes as an addition to Edge Lightning feature giving you few more customisation options.

Edge Touch

This module lets you configure the edges of your samsung device which rejects touches. Few users have a problem of touching edges accidentally, this module is for them.

Sound Assistant

This module allows you to customise the sound volume settings. It lets you automate things like mute the smartphone during working hours, increase the loudness at home. Automatically mute at night, etc..

Using Samsung Good Lock almost feels like using a custom rom. Let me know in comments what do you think about Good Lock? Feel free to comment your queries.

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