Chinese Smartphone Giants uniting to take over Google under GDSA

Few days back Huawei dropped to use Google services and started marketing its own Huawei mobile services. Harmony OS rumoured to appear in next Huawei Smartphone. Now Huawei gets Support of Chinese Smartphone giants. Huawei, Vivo, oppo, and Xiaomi are working together to take over Google Play store. Chinese Smartphone giants now uniting to challenge Google Play store in global Market.

All of these Giants have joined together under Global Developer Service Alliance(GDSA). With this alliance they are attempting to develop a platform for developers to upload apps on all of their platforms simultaneously. SInce, Google Play Store is banned in China, people there are used to download apps from different app stores. So, there will not be any problem for them to use app store of these smartphone makers.

Google Play store is a supreme platform to download apps for android. For Android developers playstore is the single most convenient place to upload their apps. Because play store has the largest user base, developers prefer it over all the other third party app stores. But this near monopoly will be challenged with the GDSA platform.

The GDSA’s prototype website will be available in these regions first India, Indonesia, Europe, Russia, Malaysia, and 4 others. The regions were elected on the basis of market dominance. India is dominated by Xiaomi and Huawei dominates Europe. Together these Manufacturers Control more than 40% of total Smartphone Shipments in the world.

Huawei is getting into it, deep. First the Harmony OS, then making Kirin available to other manufacturers now this. If the Smartphone Giants are together Google’s dominance is in heavy danger. Huawei will fight back without the Google license and in the process a huge blow is coming Google’s way.

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