Xenobots, A man made living Organism

Frogs, a wonderful creation made a new path for humans to explore. Who thought that one day we will be able to create life. Yes, you heard right humans are now creating a new living organism. Xenobots, A man made living Organism named after African Clawed Frog(Xenopus laevis). Xenobots are created using Xenopus laevis Stem cells. The machines(Xenobots) are less than a millimeter wide.

The width is enough for these Organism to travel through human body. They can walk and swim, survive for weeks without foods, and work together in groups. University of Vermont Conducted the research of creating this entirely new life form with Tufts University’s Allen Discovery Center. Stem cells are unspecialised cells that have the ability to develop into different cell types. According to a news release from University of Vermont, “The researchers Scraped stem cells from embryos, and left them to incubate. Then the cells were cut and reshaped into specific body forms designed by supercomputer.

The cells after reshaping started to work on their own. They started walking and when a scientist sliced one of xenobots they showed self healing abilities. Joshua Bongard, one of the researchers said “These are novel living machines”. They are neither a robot nor a animal species. Xenobots are entirely new form of programmable living beings. Xenobots don’t look like steel robots. They are built up of muscles and a heart that pumps the blood.

Traditional robots degrade overtime, but xenobots have the ability to heal and are better for environment. Xenobots are much safer to human health and environment. This research formed a entirely new way for increasing life expectancy of humans. Possibly xenobots could help cure traumas, reverse many incurable diseases. Even fix defective births. But can they make us immortals, few question that remained unanswered. Subscribe for further updates on xenobots.

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