How to clone a Hard drive to HDD or SDD

Data we all have it, some of it is important other is just waste. Important data can be on any drive external or internal. For some of us data is so important that if we lose it, we could get in trouble. For times when you need to protect your very important data, you need a backup. Here we shall teach you how to clone a hard drive to hdd or sdd.

Cloning Harddisk is pretty easy. We can simply install software to clone hard disks. There are quite a few options out there but let me list three of the very best for you:

AOMEI backupper

This is a simple and easy to use solution. This software comes with a freeware edition. The free version will allow you to do the following-

  • All in one data protection and disaster recovery
  • Automatic backups
  • Realtime syncing of data with target no delay
  • Clone HDD to SDD or HDD or Vice versa.
  • Create a bootable drive for other PCs
  • Support Windows up to XP

EaseUS Backup

EaseUS is another popular option. It is free to use and allows all types of disk cloning in 5 simple steps. The best part is it is also available on mac. You can see this tutorial and download it from the same.


Acronis is a premium solution with a 30 day trial version. It is available on both mac and windows. Acronis offers all the features that a premium software should have. I won’t recommend buying it until you are cloning disks for the enterprise. The trial version is sufficient for one time users. Here you can get Acronis

I hope this solution helps you with your disk cloning problem. For further queries do comment below or ask a tech question by selecting the menu option.

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